Student Awards

The school has awards to recognise students' achievement. The awards are presented within three levels:

The 1st level Standards are green merit ribbons awarded to any student who achieves a number of criteria in mathematics, reading or writing. These are shown in each student's portfolio and based on our minimum standards for pupil achievement.

The 2nd level colour's are blue merit ribbons awarded to students for significant contributions in academic, cultural, sporting or citizenship categories. All students who represent the school in interschool activities will receive one of these awards.

The 3rd and most prestigious award is a red Principal's Club merit ribbon. This award will be given at the end of the year to our most outstanding students. These students will have made significant contributions to the school across all four categories. Students can be nominated for awards by their teacher, coach and fellow students.

There are also a variety of additional awards used to acknowledge service to the school such as road patrol, library etc. Home learning is also acknowledged for students who complete all tasks each term.

There is no limit to the number of awards each student can aspire to and students are encouraged to sew their merit awards onto their school jacket or jersey sleeve.