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Parents are expected to provide stationery for all school programmes. Back to school stationery lists are available for online ordering at OfficeMax and Bay Office Products Depot.

Please note that Back To School stationery packs are not available until mid-November.


It’s easy to shop online at Just enter your child’s name and follow the instructions on the easy-to-use website (please note that the student ID field is not required).

If you prefer you can call the OfficeMax MySchool team on 0800 724 440 Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Bay Office Products Depot

Order your back to school stationery online at NZSchoolshop or you can shop in store at 20 Christopher Street, Tauranga South.

You are also more than welcome to buy the stationery elsewhere at a local supplier, eg, Warehouse Stationery, etc. For a full list of our stationery requirements, please see the list below:

Year 7 and 8
Item Quantity Details
1B8 6 Ruled
1E8 2 Quad book
14B8 1 Refill
Clear File (20 page) 1 Display Book A4
Ruler clear 300mm 1 Not flexi
Pencil eraser white 1
Scissors 1 6”
Highlighter pens 2 Yellow/Green
HB pencil 4
Ballpoint pen 5 Blue
Ballpoint pen 3 Red
Glue Stick (Green/Yellow) 2 35gm
12 x colour pencils 1 pkt
Protractor 1