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Specialist Courses

One of the features of Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School is that students move to specialist teachers for specific learning areas. Students in Year 7 have regular lessons across all specialist areas. Students in Year 8 are able to focus on four areas in greater depth.


Students are introduced to the scientific world through a range of hands-on activities. Some of the classes include discovering the tiny world of cells using microscopes, completing DNA extractions and carrying out dissections. Students will investigate the properties and states of matter and explore concepts such as density, acids, bases and chemical reactions – some of which they might find are quite explosive!

Visual Art

Students are provided with numerous opportunities to create and learn about various forms of art. There are opportunities for extension students to participate in a variety of new experiences.

Music, Dance and Drama

Instruction is given to all children in reading and playing music, dance and drama. Out of school music classes are available for brass, woodwind, strings, keyboard, guitar bass and drums. Students have the opportunity to participate in the choir and school bands.


Students are introduced to a set of technological areas that include electronics, food, biotechnology, materials, and information and communication technology. These programmes have a focus on hands-on activities and students work with a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, food, fabric and other mediums to achieve their design solution.

Digital Learning

The school applies a variety of approaches to the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in learning programmes. All classes will have access to our Research and Learning Centre, where students can use up to date technologies for advanced communication and collaborative learning. Teachers use a higher level of ICT integration in their classes, which includes a mix of computers and other ICT equipment. This is to cater for students entering our school with expertise in ICT. Digital classes are offered in Year 7 and Year 8 where students are given the option to purchase their own device as specified by the school.

Te Ao Māori

At Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School there are a range of Te Ao Māori programmes that students can be involved in. These programmes support the learning of Te Reo Māori, tikanga, history, and viewing local and world issues through a Māori lens.

Our Friday classes include the Manukura leadership group, Te Ara Poutama- a Māori enrichment class, and Kapa haka.

All students receive Māori language lessons in class with a kaiārahi i te reo (specialist language teacher). Whānau groups are made up of Māori students in each of the teams who meet regularly to learn more about their whakapapa (family history) and extend their knowledge and understanding of Te Reo and local history. The Tuākana/Tēina programme, which is run in collaboration with senior students from Ōtūmoetai College, provides a further opportunity for interested students to learn more about Te Ao Māori.