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For quality student learning to occur we believe the following actions need to be in place and seen to be happening in each classroom.

Quality can be seen as:

  • Students and their learning is the focus.
  • Staff and students are keen to come to school.
  • Parents are supportive of the school.
  • Achievement levels are high and measurably increasing.
  • The culture of the school is positive and supportive.

Actions needed for success:


  • I come to school with the right equipment and ready to learn.
  • I do my best at all times and work hard.
  • I set achievable goals and look for continuous improvement.
  • I look for new opportunities and challenges.
  • I take responsibility for my own learning, decisions and behaviour.
  • I know what I am learning, why I am learning it and how well I have done when I have completed the task.
  • I am able to reflect on my own progress.
  • I show respect and consideration for my peers, teachers, property and school rules.

My Teachers Will:

  • Create a safe and positive environment for me at school.
  • Help me set realistic, yet challenging goals to strive for.
  • Know me and understand my needs.
  • Encourage me and show me they value me as a person.
  • Show me they believe in my ability to learn and celebrate my achievements.
  • Provide me with challenging and motivating learning tasks.
  • Give me constructive feedback on how I am doing at school.
  • Listen to me and help me make good choices.
  • Provide clear, consistent expectations and boundaries for behaviour.
  • Be positive role model.

My Parents/Caregivers Will:

  • Show an interest in my progress at school and support me in my learning.
  • Discuss my needs with my teacher and keep in touch with my progress.
  • Ensure I come to school with the right equipment and ready to learn.
  • Support the teachers and assist the school wherever possible.
  • Appreciate my efforts and celebrate my successes with me.
  • Encourage me to do my best and strive for continuous improvement.

My Friends & Peers Will:

  • Encourage me and give me support in my learning.
  • Listen to me and help me make good choices.
  • Discourage bullying.