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Learning Support

Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School is an inclusive school where we have skilled teachers, a board and principal who welcome every child regardless of that child’s needs. We are a school where staff understand students learn at different rates, but with the right help and support, can and do progress. At our school all teachers are expected to see children as learners, valuing each child’s academic achievement, social and life skills and culture. We endeavour to make sure all the right services and support are in place and the child and their family are ready to participate. We want all students to feel welcomed and supported by their school and the people in it.

The school provides for pupils who have difficulty with learning in the mainstream class. A variety of strategies are used:

  • These students are clustered into groups based on identified similar learning needs and placed in classrooms with other clusters of students. (Students with high abilities, students with average abilities). They are placed with teachers who are passionate about, and have particular skills in scaffolding learning to maximise progress.
  • Support teachers of learning withdraw students with similar needs in smaller groups or in an individual situation to address student learning needs using many different approaches.

Teacher Aides are placed in rooms with clusters of students needing support. This allows the teacher to work uninterrupted at in-depth teaching times with any one particular group while the Teacher Aide supports the learning of the rest of the class. This allows support at all times while the Teacher Aide is in the classroom.

  • Friday Enrichment Programmes offer opportunities for these students to have academic learning objectives delivered in the most meaningful contexts possible.
  • Referral to the Resource Teachers for Learning and Behaviour Service.
  • Working closely with the Ministry of Education Group Special Education Service and other service providers.

We realise that these years at our school are the foundation for life in the wider community and aim to reach the highest levels of achievement possible for all our students.