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Cellphones and Chromebooks

Cell phones are only permitted at school to enable students to communicate with their parents and caregivers before and after school.

Chromebooks and other similar devices are only permitted at school for learning

Specific rules are as follows:

  • All cell phones must be placed in the student’s class safe for storage during the whole school day.
  • Cell phones are not permitted at morning tea or lunch time.
  • Cell phones must be kept in bags before and after school while on school site.
  • Cell phones must be switched off while in the class storage safe.
  • Cell phones can be retrieved from the class storage safe at the end of the school day.
  • No direct calls to friends or parents are permitted during school time. All contact with people who are not in the school, must continue to be made through the school office during the school day.
  • No accessing of personal emails, messages or texts during school time on any mobile device.
  • No access to the internet is permitted during morning tea or lunchtime. The school student wi-fi system will be turned off during these breaks.
  • Gaming is not permitted at any time on school site.
  • No videoing or photographing of others on school site.
  • No uploading of school images to social media sites such as Facebook, Tik Tok and YouTube.
  • No use of social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter during school time or while on school site.
  • No put downs or nasty messages and texts allowed.
  • No inappropriate music or ringtones.
  • No inappropriate photos or videos.
  • No cell phone or chrome book chargers at school.
  • Teachers will ensure the class storage safe remains locked throughout the school day.

ICT Devices Including Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Watches etc

All of the above apply plus:

  • All students wishing to have an ICT device at school must have signed and returned the Responsible Use of ICT Devices Agreement to school.
  • Ensure your device comes to school fully charged.
  • Devices brought to school remain the responsibility of the student. The school will take care but no responsibility for loss, breakage or theft of devices.
  • Keep passwords secure and private. Do not share with other students.
  • Each student is responsible for the content of their own device. If someone else uses your device you must ensure it is used responsibly.
  • Ensure your device is named and easily identifiable. Keep a record of the serial number at home.
  • Only use the device for learning as directed by your teacher or in association with the topic you are studying at the time.
  • Only log in to your own account with your own username and password.
  • No watching or downloading music, video or movies at school without the teacher’s permission.
  • No playing of games at school that have not been provided by the teacher as an educational activity.
  • No chatrooms or other group communications without teacher permission.
  • No use of chatbots or other artificial intelligence ( AI ) without the teacher’s permission.