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Ōtūmoetai Intermediate school provides a dynamic, evolving curriculum which focuses on all aspects of the New Zealand curriculum to cater for the needs of young adolescents.

While we have a strong emphasis on literacy and mathematics, we are committed to academic excellence through an integrated curriculum which challenges and motivates students to realise their full potential in a range of areas. Students are encouraged to be innovative, work collaboratively and to develop skills in the key competencies of thinking, using languages, symbols and text, managing self, relating to others and participating and contributing.

One of the features of Ōtūmoetai Intermediate School is that students move to specialist teachers for the following specific learning areas:

Science: Students are introduced to the scientific world through a range of hands-on activities.

Visual Art: Students are provided with numerous opportunities to create and learn about various forms of art.
Music, Dance and Drama: Instruction is given to all children in reading and playing music, dance and drama. Out of school music classes are available for brass, woodwind, strings, keyboard, guitar bass and drums.
Technology: Students are introduced to a set of technological areas that include electronics, food, biotechnology, materials, and information and communication technology. These programmes have a focus on hands-on activities and students work with a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, food, fabric and other mediums to achieve their design solution.
Digital Learning: The school applies a variety of approaches to the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in learning programmes.

We also offer students the chance to test themselves in a range of additional academic opportunities such as ICAS Exams, Speech Competition, Otago Problem Solving Challenge, Literature Quiz, Baymaths and other academic events as they arise.

Our academic goal is for the students graduating at the end of year 8, to be achieving at or above national curriculum levels in reading, writing and mathematics.

We want our students to leave Ōtūmoetai Intermediate with the literacy and numeracy skills to prosper at secondary school and beyond.