School Organisation

• Children will be placed in a "home room" and they spend a majority of their day with one teacher.

• Heterogeneous classes are carefully formed so that children of differing ability and work habits will be in each class.

• A focus on literacy and numeracy skills with clear standards and expectations articulated and distributed to students and their parents/caregivers.

• Gifted and talented students are clustered within specific classes enabling programmes to be developed for their unique needs.

• Learner-centred programmes build on the learning level of individual children.

• All students will receive specialist teaching in technology, the arts and information and media studies.

• Various sports teams provide an opportunity to compete in inter-Intermediate School competitions against all Bay of Plenty and Poverty Bay Intermediate Schools plus the AIMS GAMES in September.

• Regular goal setting and reporting to parents throughout the year with individual portfolios.

• A range of educational programmes that focus on personal needs of this age group.

• A large number of cultural and leadership opportunities.

The school is divided into teams, each with its own Assistant Principal.

The purpose of this school organisation is to:

• Allow students to be taught and become well known by a team of teachers.

• Allow teachers in each team to plan together in smaller groups.

• Provide greater security for children who may be overawed by a large school.