Our Staff

Principal Mr H Popping (also Lead Principal for Ōtūmoetai Community of Learners/Kāhui Ako)

Deputy Principal Mr R Smith (Curriculum)

Deputy Principal Mr J Stanley (Administration - Acting Principal when Henk Popping is out of the school)

Our teams are named after prominent New Zealanders from the past.

Teaching Teams


Assistant Principal Mrs L Wright (Rm 1)

Teacher Mrs K Duncan (Rm 2)

Teacher Ms P Quinn and Mrs K Kerr (Rm 9)

Teacher Mr A Myers (Rm 10)

Teacher Mr G Parker (Rm 30)


Assistant Principal Mr K Page (Rm 3)

Teacher Mrs C Aldridge (Rm 4)

Teacher Mrs A Pulman (Rm 5)

Teacher Mrs A Peck (Rm 6)

Teacher Mrs R Stephen (Rm 7)


Assistant Principal Mr B Goodchild (Rm 26)

Teacher Miss A Troy and Mrs F Hughes (Rm 23)

Teacher Mr H Habib (Rm 24)

Teacher Mrs L Gell (Rm 27)


Assistant Principal Ms L Ovenden (Rm 20)

Teacher Mrs S Hetherington (Rm 13)

Teacher Miss T Braddock (Rm 14)

Teacher Mrs J Smith (Rm 18)

Teacher Mr M Cederman and Mrs K Ward (Rm 19)


Assistant Principal Mr J Bull (Rm 8)

Teacher Mr K Barnard (Rm 11)

Teacher Ms M Wharerau and Mrs L Goddard (Rm 12)

Teacher Miss N Smart (Rm 28)

Teacher Mr S Ancell (Rm 29)


Assistant Principal Mr J Goatley (Rm 21)

Teacher Mr J Tomkins (Rm 15)

Teacher Mrs B Brewerton (Rm 16)

Teacher Miss R Kay (Rm 17)

Teacher Miss S Coleman (Rm 22)

Teacher Ms E Wallace (Rm 25)

Specialist Teachers

Assistant Principal Miss J Neal

Visual Art Mr N Williams

Performing Arts Mrs H Wain

Hard Technology Mr D Tatley

Music Miss J Neal

Soft Technology Mrs S Thomson

Science Miss S Bogun

ICT Mr M Stoodley, Mrs K Stoodley

Part Time Teachers

Mr G Edgar

Mrs L Goddard

Mrs K Kerr

Mrs F Hughes

Mr M Meacheam

Mrs K Ward

Teacher Aides

Mrs M Atkinson

Miss K Bradley

Mr G Causer

Mrs S Hall

Miss D Fuller

Mr B Kirby

Ms M Ronald

Mrs A Roose

Mrs N Stevenson

Mr T Solomona

Ms K Taikato

Mrs R Taylor

Miss L Wheeler

Administration Team

Executive Officer Mrs B Schollum

Office Secretary Mrs K Logan

Literacy Centre Mrs S Crawford

Attendance Officer Ms M Fogarty

Office Assistants Mrs C Minkhorst, Mrs S Paris

Property Manager Mr D Bateman

Assistant Caretaker Mr M Chapman

Sports Coordinator Mrs L Gallagher

Leadership Centre and
Student Support
Ms A McPike

Uniforms Ms M Fogarty

Learning Support and

Associate Principal Mrs L Chappell

Learning Support Coordinator Mrs J Filipo

Literacy Support Mrs K Andrews

Maths Learning Support Mrs L Gardiner

Te Ao Māori: Kaiarahi I Te Reo

Mr T Reweti

International Students

International Mrs K Ward

ESOL Mrs T Liddle

ESOL Mrs A Shin

International Homestays Ms M Fogarty