Outdoor Education

Every year all students will experience education outside the classroom in the form of trips, camps and other activities.

All Year 7 students will be given an opportunity to attend a school camp at Ngatuhoa Lodge in the Kaimai Forest Park. This will provide them with opportunities to challenge themselves as independent, resourceful individuals who can work as a team.

Year 8 students will participate in an Aquatics programme including Learn to Sail, Beach Education and River Kayaking. They will also be provided with other forms of outdoor education in Term 4.

During the year classes will be encouraged to include other opportunities for education outside the classroom, to enhance the way information is gathered and used in an active learning approach. If teachers are planning these, parents will be advised of the nature and likely cost of the activity well in advance. Parents will also be given the opportunity to make prior payments by instalments throughout the year thus making it easier for families to budget for anticipated camps, trips etc.