School Costs

School Donation

The school donation, previously known as a school fee, is requested to help pay for equipment, resources and sports gear that is not funded by the government operational grant. This is voluntary and generates a receipt for Inland Revenue purposes.
All families who have paid by March 1st are entered in a draw for a $100.00 grocery voucher. The amount for the school donation is set at the beginning of each year.


Parents are expected to provide stationery for all school programmes. The school provides stationery packs as a service to parents at a very competitive price.
The school will have Year 7 and Year 8 stationery packs available at the beginning of the school year. These can be pre-ordered and paid for before the end of Term 4. The contents will be consistent across the school, and include the option of purchasing the regulation school cap or hat. A calculator, which must have a percentage facility, is available from school. A dictionary is a requirement and is part of the stationery pack. Students will also need a pencil case. Packs are competitively priced and we encourage students to purchase their stationery in this way.
EFTPOS is available.

Download Stationery List

Non Compulsory Activities

Parents will be asked to give permission for students to participate in camps, field trips, sports teams and cultural activities. These incur costs that must be paid by parents/caregivers of students who opt to participate in them. These costs may include such items as transport, accommodation, hiring of equipment, coaching expenses etc.
EFTPOS is available at the school office.

Astroturf Keys For Hire

Parents and caregivers of current pupils are able to have access to the school artificial courts (Astroturf) during out of school hours. Key hire is $25 annually. Please contact the office for a key and user's agreement.